Letter to myself

Hello future Nurse Gibson. Ten years have passed and (I hope) it has been ten years of being a Learning Disability Nurse. Everyday just now I am growing and developing and a decade from now I expect to still be learning and improving. That’s what I love most about nursing – it is ever changing and keeps you very much on your toes. I do hope you are generally more confident though. Right now it’s a ‘fake-it-til-you-make-it’ situation. Hopefully the imposter syndrome has subsided too.

I have soaked up so many experiences in this short time so far, I cannot even begin to imagine ten years from now how much you have been involved in and how many people you have met and helped along the way. I hope you are still balancing your work life and personal life. I have seen a lot of people losing sight of that, but you can’t care for anyone else if you aren’t caring for yourself. Are you taking your lunch breaks and finishing on time (or as close to time as possible!?)

I don’t have any definitive goals at present but I do hope there have been lots of achievements along your way. I hope you are still moving forward and inspiring others. And importantly, I hope you are still enjoying it as much as I am now.

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