Letter to me, myself and I

Hello Mercy +10,
How are you, Hope the kids are well (they better be) and you’re holding down your Job. If you’ll cast your mind back to the day this letter was written you will remember that you were walloped by a beady old lady and in that instant you hated your job because it exposed you to such mistreatment but the funniest part of it was you headed to your next job without blinking however, you were so desperate to hide this incident from your colleagues because you were ashamed of being assaulted that you suffered for it Didn’t you, you became very tensed and closed off.. I guess when you look back you will know it’s not your fault. Mercy, I hope you have more sense to take care of yourself. You need to evaluate every incident, take your time to unravel your feelings, label them and deal with them individually. Currently, you stated that you will not be going back to Uni for further studies but knowing you, you might have told yourself ‘one more’ or ‘this is the list one’. But any how I hope you’ve achieved my dreams of becoming a specialist nurse in tissue viability or diabetes specialist nurse.
Girl, you know what, I am proud of you, that you’ve come this far and not given up is a testament of your resilience, perseverance and determination. Please be kind to yourself, always remain human and be happy and finally, Allow yourself Grace to Grow Through Whatever You Might Go Through because Life is a Process and you’re doing a Great Job!
All my love
You and me..xx

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