Finding my own way

I work as a Learning Disability Staff Nurse in a crisis and forensic community team. The role is diverse and keeps me on my newly qualified toes. I have been lucky to have had a very positive experience, mainly because I have such supportive, encouraging colleagues. I’ve been given the opportunity to settle into my job whilst also being pushed to work autonomously and in my own style.

Finding my own way of doing things has been a real learning curve these last few months. But working as part of a wider team who share my passion for working with individuals with a learning disability has been my favourite thing since qualifying.

I feel surrounded by like minded people – people who really care and ‘get it’. In my experience, compassion is present in this team and in the NHS as a whole. People working in the NHS have landed in their roles because they are compassionate and caring by nature.

My team works alongside various professions, and I have felt that, overall, we are all aiming for the same thing – great patient care. People are mindful that in order to achieve this, a multi-disciplinary approach is required, and to work effectively as a multi-disciplinary team you need to ensure each member of the team feels supported and valued.

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