Secondary School Nurse

A window with vertical slats. The room behind the window has chairs and bookshelf in it.
Window between the first aid room and rest space to ensure students are safe and well
A hallway with posters and bulletin boards.
Corridor by the first aid room, with the rest room and prayer and counselling spaces
A medical cabinet with a lot of white boxes containing medical equipment.
Inside the main first aid cupboard
A white cabinet with two drawers and a Asthma Inhaler Kit sign on a plastic container next to three ring binders.
Medication fridge, easy-grab folders with medical information on students, asthma emergency kits and more storage cupboards
A kitchen with white cabinets and a sink. The cabinets have 'First Aid' signs on them.
The main first aid cupboard
A first aid room with white cabinets and a sink.
Cupboards for medical equipment, like thermometers and pulse oximeters. Also for nail varnish remover as it is a school!

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