Letter for in 10 years.

To me in 2033,

I really hope things are going well,
I really hope staffing has improved and having three nurses on shift or two half breaks doesn’t feel like a luxury.
I really really hope we feel part of the team.
Right now, we’ve been nearly 6 months in and anxiety pre-shift can be unbearable, the constant nausea or emotional moments, I really hope these have gone or settled.
I love my team, I love what my job provides and I just really really hope that when I am reading this that I am still a stem cell transplant nurse.
I hope we’ve learnt a lot and even if we have changed where we are, I really hope we still care for children and work hard to protect the nhs, our fellow nurses and the entire system!
Without the nhs, many of the children we treat today would have no option for our treatment, so I really hope the nhs improves, not just for the those working in the nhs but for the people it serves.

And finally, I really really hope we’ve made a positive difference to our little patient’s lives, they deserve the best but never forget OUR mental health is important too, you can’t care for others if you no longer care for yourself.

Keep holding on, 2023 You!

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