How do I unwind

Some days are better than others when it comes to unwinding after a shift. Some days I’m just that tired or fed up that I just want to go straight to bed. I like to take a hot shower after a shift, I always feel a little grubby after work.

I also like to listen to audiobooks or watch YouTube. It’s nice to have something low effort or mindless to do to clear my head after a shift and to detach from everything that went on during the day.

I used to be quite bad at switching off after work, I was always anxious or overthinking. “Did I do everything right?”, “Did I get everything done?”, “Did I make the right decision about x, y or z?”.

On my days off I like to spend some time with my niece and nephew when they’re around. I also love reading as a way to relax. I love D&D podcasts to escape reality and I enjoy working on my embroidery projects, stabbing a needle into cloth over and over again is surprisingly therapeutic and seeing the final result gives a sense of achievement.

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