It’s my first week back on day shift

It’s my first week back on day shift and it reminded me of how hectic and busy day shift can be. Yesterdays shift was one of those days when you sit down to do something but something else happens and then something else happens and you end up going back to what you were originally doing an hour later. If the door went once it went about three times. The more senior nurses were either in meetings and ward ward rounds or on 2:1 observations due to gender ratio, so it was mostly up to me and the other two newly qualified nurses to organise the ward, do notes, run breaks etc. There was also a lot of additional paperwork because there was a number of staff assaults, including myself. I was in a mild state of anxiety the entire day but coped. I also had to help one of the newly qualified nurses complete a form that I’ve only filled out once myself while she hadn’t done one before at all, which was fairly challenging. Despite the challenge of the day I felt grateful for the support of the other newly qualified nurses, we worked as a team and we got through the day.

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